Lindsey Weissert A Life Well-BalancedYou’re here! I am so excited to have you here with me in this space ūüôā

I’ve been very interested in natural therapies and alternative healing¬†ever since I was young. My interest perked in essential oils when I started researching more cost effective, natural and healthy products for everyday use. My parents guided me to understand that many over the counter products we use topically contain ingredients that are toxic and harmful to our bodies.

My goal with A Life Well-Balanced ¬†is to teach our¬†generation just that… How to Live a Life Well-Balanced – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Turning to essential oils and using them in my everyday life to heal, nourish and protect my body and home has been a wonderful experience.

I am learning, and I invite you to learn along with me!  I often come across some unique ideas…some old, some new.  As I encounter some helpful strategies, I intend to explore them, simplify them, and pass them along to you, to use for your own benefit! 

For starters, in my explorations into metaphysical and esoteric realms, I have looked further into ancient concepts such as the chakras (commonly known to yoga practitioners), Emotional Freedom Technique (which works with the acupuncture system but does not involve needles), Dowsing and Energy Medicine techniques.  Come along with me and open up to healing  strategies  for the mind and body that you may not have heard much about before.

Here’s to a life well-balanced.

Lindsey xx