how to cope with anxiety

How To Cope With Anxiety Naturally

Learn strategies that Gail Weissert, a licensed psychotherapist on the Eastern Shore of MD (in practice for over 30 years), recommends on a daily basis to her clients who come to her office looking for peace from anxious feelings. Her advice utilizes natural, simple and actionable stragies that you can start to implement day by day.

For a full list of the resources we recommend, scroll to the bottom of this page.

If you would like to speak with Gail personally, please contact her here.

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Even Better Than A New Year’s Resolution PLUS A Mindful Holiday Activity!

I’ve been doing this for the past 3 years and it seems to really work.

We all know sticking to a New Year’s resolution can be hard. We start the year fully energized with all of the plans and actions we are going to take and then… LIFE HAPPENS. Suddenly getting up at 7am to get to yoga class or to start your exercise routine seems less ideal than it was in January.

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overcome fear and anxiety

Tools to Help Overcome Fear And Anxiety

Fear and anxiety riddle our world. How many times have you been laying in your warm and cozy bed replaying a horror movie in your head about something that hasn’t even happened yet?

It happens to everyone. I know I’ve done this, and I’ll be the first to admit it. Fear and anxiety can creep up before a big meeting, before you have to meet your boss, or even when you’re going to a party and you don’t know anyone.

Here are a few tools and strategies that you can use right now to help you overcome fear and anxiety as soon as it rears its ugly head.

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essential oils for grief

Essential Oils For Grief, Transitioning and Letting Go

Grief is a natural response to the loss of something or someone to which we have formed a bond or an attachment. It can also be the feeling of sorrow we experience with change we feel in a familiar pattern or behavior.

Usually death comes to mind when we think about grief, but in reality, we can have grief over many things – loss of a job, loss of a beloved pet, loss of friendships, moving to a new city, etc. The book entitled Necessary Losses by Judith Viorst is a classic reference on these topics.

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What is EFT?

‘EFT’ is short for Emotional Freedom Technique (that’s a pretty good name for it, isn’t it). It is perhaps the most widely used Energy Psychology strategy in the world today. It is simple to do and learn and can help with many kinds of negative feelings, such as: stress, fear, depression, anxiety and even some types of pain. It can also be used to work through some emotional blockages, for example to improve ones self confidence or achieve personal growth.

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