How To Gain Clarity And Insight. Why Journaling Is Good Plus Journaling Exercises.

Journaling… a practice I never thought that I would return to. After all, I’m not 13 and pining over the latest school crush.

I’ve heard every self help person talk about journaling and I’ve always ignored it. I have notes synced across all of my devices and my motto was ‘If it’s in the cloud then it’s at least out of my head!’

I HATE wasting paper and since I move a lot, most paper always ends up in the recycling bin. So with this narrow mentality, I ignored the advice of many and never journaled.

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meditation techniques for beginners

4 Simple Meditation Techniques

Meditation can seem daunting when you first start. It’s hard to calm your mind, especially when the woes of life keep popping up. Doesn’t it feel impossible to turn off that endless stream of thoughts running through your mind? I have a few meditation techniques for beginners that I’ll share below, but first let’s learn a bit more about meditation.

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