My Personal Tips On Flying With Essential Oils

‘Can I take essential oils with me when I travel on a plane?’  The answer is YES! Watch the video below to learn my thoughts about how to travel with them safely.   You're allowed a 1-quart sized bag of toiletries per person. This is way below the size of my essential oil carry case. You're also allowed 3oz per bottle and these essential oil bottles are only 15ml, which is way below the

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My Top 5 Essential Oils For Travel

Watch the video to find out the best essential oils for travel including ones to repel bugs, help with an upset stomach, and protect your body from getting sick! Interested in ordering essential oils? Click here to get started! Every time I leave for a trip, I always take essential oils with me. So I thought I would show you the essential oils that I take for traveling. I generally take about 5 or 6

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Why Use doTERRA Essential Oils

Hey everyone, Lindsey Victoria here again. I wanted to talk about the essential oils I've mentioned in previous videos. I'm using a brand called doTERRA and I wanted to give you a brief overview of why I chose doTERRA essential oils and why this is a brand that I highly recommend. Why I Chose doTERRA 100% pure therapeutic grade - The purity of an essential oil is its most important characteristic. An essential oil that

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3-Ingredient DIY Natural All-Purpose Cleaner with Essential Oils

When I think about the one area that I am constantly cleaning, it’s my kitchen counters. Since my kitchen spray is something I come in contact with every day, it made sense to try a DIY all-purpose cleaner as a natural alternative. At first, I started buying Mrs. Meyer’s Kitchen Spray. I don’t mind it, but it still contains synthetics and I can’t guarantee the purity and potency of the essential oils that are in

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DIY Breath Spray

How many times have you been standing there talking with someone and have been super paranoid about your coffee breath? AHH, this does happen to me because I have a slight obsession with coffee! A lot of times we reach for chewing gum or breath mints, but do you know what is in those? SUGAR! The bulk of all breath mints are comprised of some form of sugar or sugar substitute. Then they use something

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DIY Sea Salt Spray For Sexy, Beachy Hair

I originally started making my own sea salt spray after I went to the store to buy a ready-made sea salt spray and found out it costs $30! $30 for something that has 10 ingredients in it, half of which I can’t pronounce? No thanks - especially when the ocean is 5 minutes from my doorstep. So, I came home and started researching what essential oils were good for the hair. I knew that I could

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Natural DIY Air Freshener Using Essential Oils

I was looking at my growing collection of essential oils and was thinking of different ways I can use them. Considering all of those air fresheners on the market are full of chemicals, I decided it was time to try and make my own Natural DIY Air Freshener. It was honestly so simple and I just used an old steel air freshener container that I had around the house.