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Where To Go In Croatia – A Guide To Visiting The Croatian Islands

Here's where you can go in Croatia. This overview is for traveling between Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik and the surrounding islands. The Essential Info Croatia is a popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean and with its beautiful islands and position on the Adriatic sea, it also means it’s a popular hotspot for Cruise ships. If you’re yearning for a typical Mediterranean holiday with a lot of fun in the sun, then the peak time to

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5 Lessons I’ve Learned While Traveling Abroad

Let’s get straight to it... Buy Travel Insurance I used to never do this, but I’ve been burned so many times with out-of-pocket expenses that I’ve learned it’s important. It’s often quite cheap if you add it to your flight cost before checking out. ‘Hacker Fares’ or low-cost flights *seem cheap*, but they often come with many restrictions, such as no refunds or ticket changes. Plans change all the time and if anything happens, like

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Top Things To Do In Nicaragua: Your Complete Travel Guide

The land of lakes and volcanos, as it’s called, is considered to be the ‘Costa Rica of 30 years ago’. Before our trip though, all I had really heard about Nicaragua was that there was good surfing. Instead, I was greeted by colorful colonial cities with lots of history, cultural activities, friendly people, lush nature, interesting wildlife, and volcanoes! There are lots of things to do in Nicaragua, but first, the essential information… The Essential

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How I Deal With Jet Lag + Tips For Getting Over Jet Lag Naturally

While traveling is SO MUCH FUN, it also can come with the unwanted side effect of jet lag. I have a few tips I want to share on how to get over jet lag. Jet lag is defined as the disruption of normal sleep patterns experienced while the body adjusts to rapid changes in daylight and nighttime hours when flying to different areas of the world. I, of course, chose two of the furthest countries

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My Personal Tips On Flying With Essential Oils

‘Can I take essential oils with me when I travel on a plane?’  The answer is YES! Watch the video below to learn my thoughts about flying with essential oils safely. https://www.youtube.com/embed/AZ_dZPIG17w   You're allowed a 1-quart sized bag of toiletries per person. This is way below the size of my essential oil carry case. You're also allowed 3oz per bottle and these essential oil bottles are only 15ml, which is way below the TSA 3oz

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My Top 6 Essential Oils For Travel

Watch the video to find out the best essential oils for travel including ones to repel bugs, help with an upset stomach, and protect your body from getting under the weather! Interested in ordering essential oils? Click here to get started! Every time I leave for a trip, I always take essential oils with me. So I thought I would show you the essential oils that I take for traveling. I generally take about 5

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Cuba Cruise Aboard Celestyal Cruises

Travel Period: August 2017 Leaving From: Montego Bay, Jamaica We went on a Cuba Cruise aboard the Celestyal Crystal Cruise Line in August (which is probably one of the hottest months to visit Cuba). If you are looking to explore Cuba without having to do much planning, then I highly recommend a cruise. P.S. - Want to hear something cool? My music producer fiancé just released his latest track with the sounds that he recorded

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Best Southern USA Roadtrip Route: Phoenix to Miami

What happens when you have less than one week to move across the country? You make one hell of a road trip out of it! We had 5 days and 2,365 miles to cover. Here's our itinerary... Wednesday: Miami FL --> Phoenix AZ --> Deming NM The adventure started in Phoenix - at the airport. I flew straight in from Miami at 7pm and my brother picked me up and we started the drive.

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