doTERRA Bergamot: The Oil Of Self-Acceptance

Primary Benefits: uplifting and refreshing, may help to relieve anxious feelings, sadness and stress tension, may help acne and appearance of skin*

Can be used aromatically, topically & internally | Photosensitive

How To Use:

  • A calming and soothing aroma.
  • Used in massage therapy for its calming and uplifting benefits.
  • Diffuse in the classroom, at work, or at home when stress levels or tension is high.
  • Apply to the skin while showering and inhale deeply to experience its calming aroma and enjoy its skin-purifying benefits.
  • Add to change a regular tea to Earl Grey tea.
  • Apply to the feet before bedtime for a sense of calm and harmony.
  • Add one to two drops to your next DIY skincare cleanser.
  • Mixes well with Lavender, Patchouli, Lime, Arborvitae, Ylang Ylang, and Frankincense.
  • Diffuse for a sense of self-confidence.
  • Use with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil for a calming, soothing massage and a relaxing aroma.
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes.
  • Apply topically to soothe, calm, and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Supports healthy nervous system, cardiovascular system, and cognitive function.*
  • Calm the nervous system and relax the muscles.*
  • Blend with Lavender and apply topically to the abdomen to promote feelings of relaxation.
  • Diffuse to reduce feelings of negativity and stress.
  • Effective surface cleanser.
  • Helps soothe and calm the nervous system.*
  • Helps to support a healthy metabolism.*
  • Contains cleansing properties.*
  • Widely used in perfume, cosmetics, and food for its intense fragrance and freshness.
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