doTERRA Grapefruit: The Oil Of Honoring The Body

Primary Benefits: helps uplift mood and provides a clarifying effect to the mind, supports healthy metabolism, improves the appearance of blemishes.

Can be used aromatically, topically, and internally | No dilution necessary

How To Use:

  • Diffuse 2 drops Grapefruit + 2 drops Ylang Ylang to uplift mood
  • Use as a flavoring in cooking
  • Add to your teenager’s nightly facial routine to improve the appearance of blemishes (avoid sun exposure).
  • Diffuse while dieting or trying to lose weight to increase motivation.
  • Add one to two drops to your water to support a healthy metabolism.*
  • For a soothing massage that leaves behind a light, uplifting fragrance, use Grapefruit.

Note: Grapefruit does not cause as much photosensitivity as other citrus oils, however, avoid sunlight for up to 4 hours when applying topically.

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