My Personal Tips On Flying With Essential Oils

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‘Can I take essential oils with me when I travel on a plane?’  The answer is YES!

Watch the video below to learn my thoughts about how to travel with them safely.


You’re allowed a 1-quart sized bag of toiletries per person. This is way below the size of my essential oil carry case.

You’re also allowed 3oz per bottle and these essential oil bottles are only 15ml, which is way below the TSA 3oz regulation.

So you can take them with you when you travel on a plane. I have about six essential oils in there. These are the one that I always take with me.

Can I Carry Essential Oils On A Plane?

I always put them in my carry on, no problem. I haven’t had any problems.

I have had one friend tell me that when she was coming from a foreign country, I think she was somewhere in Central America, they were a bit confused about what it was that she was carrying. She had to explain it to them but there’s nothing that says, ‘You can’t take them’ and I travel with them all the time.

Should I Put Essential Oils In My Checked Bag?

I actually don’t recommend putting essential oils in your checked bag because you don’t ever want your essential oils to get hot or heated because it gets rid of the efficiency and the effectiveness of the essential oils.

If you need to though, just put them in a plastic bag in case they spill because they’re going to get tossed around by everybody.

So that’s my simple answer. ‘Yes, you can travel with them’.

Grab a little bag like this. I got it from ‘Honey Hive Five’ and take your essential oils with you when you travel!

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